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Life With Wee Companions Blog

An insightful, backstage look into the world of running a volunteer based small exotic animal rescue in Southern California. Reflections and stories that will move you to tears, while others will drive you to delightful chuckles. Listen in as this team of dedicated, passionate, rodent & lagomorph loving people juggle careers, animal care, pregnancy, raising children, menopause, and other personal life issues. It is rarely a smooth road, and usually a wild ride to keep up with this dynamic team!

Saturday, October 12 2013

The unsung heroes of the rescue world are undoubtedly the long-suffering husbands, partners, children, and friends of those who are part of the rescue world work force.

My husband is one of the most tolerant, since his life is inevitably entwined in the mire of rescue work through me. Obviously no kind of pre-nuptial agreement could have warned him how our home and marriage would be shared with 100’s of small creatures, and how he would become a rescuer widower over the years. He is rarely an enthusiastic volunteer, but rather the volunteered muscle, chauffeur, administrative assistant, accountant or tough love therapist. He will take on the shopping duty when the refrigerator contains nothing but greenery, and he believes the rest of the family deserves a home-cooked meal. He is the laundry pro when the human clothes take on a life-form of their own and threaten to break out of the bedroom and creep towards the kitchen, even though the animal laundry is being done with admirable efficiency on a regular basis......See More

Posted by: Fenella, President of Wee Companions AT 05:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  3 Comments  |  Email
Monday, September 16 2013

I can’t say all large rescues are a fun adventure, but getting them done with a good team of fellow rescuers certainly helps the task go more smoothly. Sometimes we must see the humorous side of what we do. Otherwise the reality of the situations we find ourselves in would cause depression bouts that would keep us bedridden, unable to tend to the work at hand!

WC has performed many “large” rescues, from over 400 rats taken in at a residence in Ojai, to the 22 guinea pigs from our “Ramona Round Up”.  Over the years we have perfected the technique and have gotten it pretty much down to a fine art.  If we HAVE to be selective, women and children are pulled first, of course. The pregnant sows need a nutritionally rich diet, nursing babies must be with mom, and the baby females need to come too, since they can get pregnant before 6 weeks old. We then pull the males who appear to be in the worst health.  If we are forced to leave any, it will be the older stronger males. Standard protocol is that we try to rescue everyone, though.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.  WC received a call from a man who had recently moved into a ranch property in Ramona, and despite being an animal lover, was simply overwhelmed by the gifts the departing tenants had left on the property. You see, the previous owners had moved to the high desert where their herd of guinea pigs was not part of the “relocation plan”.....See More

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Thursday, September 12 2013

Leading a successful adoption event equates to commanding a slick military operation and fine tuning an orchestral performance while being lead clown in the center ring of a circus. It’s an all out show along with props, a cast of many stars, both human and animal, along with unexpected ad libs and forgotten lines. It’s a whirlwind of improv and, at times, heckling from the peanut gallery....See More

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Sunday, September 08 2013

During the earlier years of Wee Companions, before we had a more solid “team” to care for our sick animals, my home was ICU central and I was the full time staff.  It was likely a control issue in the early days, but age and wisdom have thankfully helped me share the responsibilities, now. Regardless of rising at ungodly dark hours to hand feed sick animals before work (I do not classify myself as a naturally happy early morning person), fighting sleep to give the last evening feeding, plus the odd night shift, care of the wee ones took priority, and this was the accepted norm, rescuers accept such things as a matter of course. ...See More

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